the Future
of Financial
make your bank future-ready: reinvent your USER EXPERIENCE and reduce the cost-to-serve WITH our innovative and HOLISTIC geniome-PLATFORM.

Get ahead of innovation and put your customers at the center
The geniome platform
made for seamless innovation
All products from our constantly growing software suite are connected through the Geniome platform. Developed with the aspiration to provide an unmatched user experience for banks.

From hightouch retail banking to plug-in crypto trading to Gen.e, an evoltuionary voice assistant, all our products share one thing: The vision to revolutionize customer relationships in digital banking.

The Geniome platform allows you to add innovative features in no time. All our products are connected through it. That offers a seamless user experience

No matter what software your bank is running on: Geniome works through a variety of APIs. And if desired, we also support the introduction of new core banking software with our partners.

Our Product suite
INspired by foresight, developed to redefine banking.
Offer cutting-edge financial services to your customers. Transform transactional banking into a seamless experience and make existing clients more loyal. All with reduced Cost-to-Serve.

advantages of the
geniome™ platform

Fast time to market
and easy implementation

More personal and service oriented
customer relationships

Massively reduces

Powerful functionality guarantees
continuous service 24/7

State of the art functionality
and user experience

Modular platform, that constantly
evolves with R&D / new products

“We’re changing the way banking feels. Making it something you want to do, not have to do.”
Tamay Saxena, CEO
combining banking know-how and entertainment
Bringing both together, we can develop products that are way ahead of their time. User Experience and Customer needs are deep-rooted in our core. Geniome is therefore built as one holistic platform, combing the best of both seamlessly.
Imaginovation Fintech Solutions Group
Imaginovation [im·a·gi·nov·a·tion]: transforming ideas into tomorrow's business innovation reality.
Our vision:
An engagement ecosphere around finance
We are combining tomorrow's technology with entertainment to change financial services for good. Our partners will be able to offer their customers an additional level of experience where they can seamlessly connect finance with gaming, shopping and socialising.

This vision gives us the inspiration for reinventing the user and bank relationship.

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